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The attorneys at the Law Office of David J. Tetlak, P.C. have extensive experience handling cases and litigation arising from automobile accidents and automobile insurance policies, including claims, arbitrations and litigation resulting from:

- Bodily and Personal Injury Coverage
- No-Fault Coverage
- Uninsured/Underinsured (UM/SUM) Coverage
- Property Damage Coverage, including Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

We have represented parties in numerous automobile related claims, including minor property-damage, serious injury claims and complex coverage disputes. In every case, our goal is to provide cost-conscious legal services that are designed to focus our efforts and your resources on effective strategies in stream-lined, efficient manner to add value to and in furtherance of the desirable conclusion you seek.

Automobile No-Fault or Personal Injury Protection Coverage in New York State has, in the past decade, become the source of an increasingly dynamic and evolving area of litigation. The Courts have become inundated with lawsuits resulting from the non-payment of medical related bills. The laws, decisions and procedures are, at times, complex and cumbersome.

The attorneys and staff within the Law Offices of David J. Tetlak, P.C. have the requisite experience, skills, knowledge and training within No-Fault practice area to assist insurers, self-insureds and various business entities navigate the ever-changing Court rules and decisions. By developing and implementing custom-tailor claim and litigation plans for our clients, No-Fault claims and litigation can be effectively and efficiently resolved, thereby helping our clients maximize results and assisting our clients in meeting their specific business objectives.

The attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of David J. Tetlak, P.C. have years of experience preparing, negotiating and litigating personal and bodily injury matters, including motor vehicle, premises liability, construction site, civil assault, alcohol related accidents, and defamation of character. We have handled personal injury matters on behalf of individuals, insured clients, self-insured corporations and municipalities. Our attorneys bring extensive experience in the handling of these cases and our broad background in insurance coverage litigation gives us a unique insight into the insurance policy issues that arise in each case.

The law governing construction site accidents, commonly called the “Labor Law”, is constantly evolving in the State of New York. Accidents, including those caused by a fall from a ladder, scaffold or platform, mishandling of heavy loads, misuse of machinery and tools or exposure to various hazards including electricity, radiation, toxic materials, and noise, are actionable in New York. The owner, general contractor and all subcontractors are required by law to provide a reasonably safe work-site. However, safety is often overlooked and accidents occur. An injury resulting from such an accident at a construction site may lead to liability on the part of the owners, contractors, sub-contractors, architects and manufacturers of equipment who are responsible for the safety of the site. The attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of David J. Tetlak, P.C. keep abreast of the ever-changing legal environment and have the experience to provide quality legal representation and develop creative strategies that contribute to fair and favorable resolution of these matters.

The Law Offices of David J. Tetlak, P.C. provides counseling to business and corporations of all sizes and affords the business owner the advantage of skilled and knowledgeable legal professionals that can investigate, negotiate and litigate business and commercial disputes through carefully planned strategies aimed at amicable, cost-effective resolution. We understand the complexities of litigation. We provide experienced guidance and skilled legal support while always considering both the short term and long term objectives of our clients, helping them decide what approach is in their best interests.

The Law Offices of David J. Tetlak, P.C. represents various types of clients, from insurers to individuals to other law firms, on a variety of different appellate issues. With many years of experience and a diverse background, the attorneys have the unique ability to provide appellate services on numerous, different topics. Each case is meticulously review and analyzed prior to proceeding with an appeal, providing our clients with the opportunity to fully understand and explore all options available in their case.

The Law Office of David J. Tetlak, P.C. offers a variety of legal services to the legal community, whether handling a part of a case for continued or additional handling to last minute court appearances. Often, law firms find that they are “short-handed” and require temporary legal services and coverage. In additional to accepting full case assignments and providing appellate services, the Firm offers “Per Diem” legal services, including:

- Court Appearances – Conferences, Motions, Adjournments
- Motion Preparation and Oral Argument
- Depositions
- ADR – Mediation and Arbitration Hearings
- Declaratory Judgment Actions
- Intermediate Coverage Litigation
- Trials

Our experienced attorneys can offer quality legal representation for your clients as a cost-effective and cost-saving alternative to hiring full-time, in-house attorneys. If you’re in need of short-term, temporary or last minute legal support, please contact us and let our Firm provide the solution.

It is important to consult a legal professional when

- Starting, Buying, Acquiring or Selling a Business
- Conducting Business with Other People or Business
- Entering into Contracts or Other Legally Binding Agreements
- Borrowing or Lending Money

All large corporations have attorneys working on their behalf. A business, no matter how large or small, should have its transactions reviewed and drafted by an experience, licensed attorney. However, while many small and medium sized businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time in-house attorney to oversee its legal affairs, an alternative is available.

The Law Offices of David J. Tetlak, P.C. can act as your business’ corporate counsel and protect you and your business’ interest when conducting business. Our experience legal staff can prepare a legal services plan that is developed specifically for you and your business, providing you “large corporation” style legal services and the protection your business needs to succeed.

Municipalities are routinely threatened with lawsuits by businesses, citizens and their own employees. When handling municipal legal and litigation matters, the primary objective at the Law Office of David J. Tetlak, P.C. is to minimize the risk faced by our client. Our firm is prepared to handle complex municipal litigation matters from pre-litigation strategy and settlement conferences through any necessary appeals.

Purchasing a home, commercial building, vacation property or investment property is one of the largest and most important purchases for most businesses and people. The attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of David J. Tetlak, P.C. will help you navigate through the complexities of realtor agreements, contract negotiations, lender requirements, title insurance and liability insurance. We will discuss your requirements, negotiate an agreement, draft a contract that protects you and your business’ interests and prepare your transaction for closing in a prompt and professional manner.

Ownership and utilization of land and buildings raise legal issues for individuals as well as businesses. Zoning and land-use ordinances and regulations, adopted by counties, cities, and townships, govern, define and restrict how you or your business can use the property it owns or leases. The Law Offices of David J. Tetlak, P.C. can provide the legal expertise and guidance to help you and your business maximize the potential use of their property by assisting in local and state government processes such as rezoning, permit applications, variances, special uses or exceptions, Site Plan Reviews for Subdivisions, Businesses, and Commercial developments, historic preservation approvals, and environmental issues.

Financial institutions do not want to foreclose on and take ownership of properties! When a bank forecloses on a property, both the owner and the bank almost always loses money. Consequently, there are ways to avoid going into foreclosure or to reverse the process after it has begun. Whether it was due to job loss, your loan resetting, cost of living increases or even a declining real estate market in your area, Loan Modification can help solve your home mortgage problems fast and effectively.

If you have fallen behind in payments, are about to fall behind, or are in foreclosure, due to a change in circumstances or a change in the amount of your payment, it is important to always remember that you are not alone. The attorneys at the Law Offices of David J. Tetlak can work with your mortgage company to solve the problems you are currently facing and work towards obtaining a reduction in your mortgage payment that is within your ability to pay each month.

Often, businesses and individuals find themselves unable to pay debts due to loss of a job, reduction in income, illness, death of a spouse, divorce and increased costs and expenses. As debt mounts, individuals who can no longer meet these obligations frequently encounter emotional stress, depression and a feeling of helplessness. These issues are often compounded by bill collectors who call you at home, work, or even attempt to speak with relatives concerning repayment, lawsuits filed against you by creditors’ attorneys, judgments obtained against you, wage garnishment, frozen checking or savings accounts, repossession of property and foreclosure.

Bankruptcy law is designed to assist individuals who are facing some of the financial difficulties described above. The attorneys at the Law Offices of David J. Tetlak can work with you to determine if bankruptcy is right for you or your business. If bankruptcy is not the answer, we can work with your creditors to solve the problems you are currently facing and work towards developing payment schedules that are within your ability to pay each month.

Insurance companies are often obligated to pay claims that were not caused by your policyholder, but by another party. Subrogation is the principal by which an insurer may recover from a negligent third party, benefits paid by that insurer to their insured. The attorneys at the Law Offices of David J. Tetlak, P.C. can assist your organization recover indemnity and certain expense payments incurred resulting from claims and disputes involving auto, commercial, fire, flood, electrical, equipment failure and design defects. We can identify subrogation opportunities and pursue recovery actions that focus on efficient and effective results.

Protecting the assets that you have worked hard to accumulate and ensuring that your wishes for the future distribution of your estate are honored are cornerstone principles in the development of a sound financial plan. The attorneys at the Law Offices of David J. Tetlak, P.C. are committed to helping our clients reap the rewards of sound, proactive financial and estate plans. In order to achieve these goals, our attorneys focus on estate planning, revocable living trusts, trusts for beneficiaries with 'special needs', health care and advance directive instruments, asset protection from creditors and former spouses, charitable trusts, probate, trust and estate administration, federal and state tax matters, family business planning and family foundations.
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